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Stair Railings in Vancouver, BC

Whether it’s a custom gate welcoming guests to your house or a staircase that gleams as the focal point of your home, our 20 years’ experience ensures your dream project will be completed without a hitch.

Stair Railings for Residential Projects in Vancouver

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd helps Install Stair Railings in Vancouver, BC


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd founded in 1997, strives to make the home improvement quest a rewarding one by delivering fully customized and durable stair railings to residential clients. Our team is comprised of dedicated metalworkers and computer-aided design (CAD) technicians. And our painters, estimators, finishers, installers, and office staff work together to bring your vision to life. We’re here for you from the drawing board to the final product. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate our client’s wishes, even when they’re involved and challenging to achieve. Our creativity, devotion, and expertise are our calling cards. If you’ve been considering replacing or installing new stair railings in Vancouver, BC, now’s the time.


Which to Choose: Iron or Aluminum?


Steel and Aluminum Stair Railings in Vancouver, BCIron Age Manufacturing Ltd in Vancouver, BC primarily works with one of two materials – iron or aluminum – on all building projects. Neither is “better” than the other. Instead, they each offer unique qualities that might suit one homeowner more than the other. Our job is to educate you on the differences and guide you in the direction we feel works best for you. During the planning process, we consider several factors:


Both steel and aluminum withstand Vancouver’s bitter winter weather well. Extreme cold causes structural changes to metal at a cellular level. For instance, iron can become less flexible in colder weather. If you’re concerned about the minor possibility of damage, then an aluminum railing might be a better choice because it resists the cold weather a bit better than steel. Still, both will last a long time in Canada’s wintery climate.


Both steel and aluminum are victorious in oppressive conditions. Aluminum possesses one unique advantage over steel in that it is an anti-corrosive material. However, some treatments can protect the integrity of wrought-iron railings and prevent weather-related corrosion. However, steel is a more robust and innately durable surface, which is something all homeowners should consider.


Lastly, the style will play a significant role in your decision. Wrought-iron railings look different than aluminum. If you’re a fan of modern design, aluminum might be a better look. But if you live in an older neighborhood with a lot of wrought-iron fencing, you might want to avoid setting yourself apart from your neighbors. We’ll speak with you about how each material will look in combination with your home.


The Benefits of Custom Stair Railing Projects


Installing residential metal stair railings on your property is a no-brainer, especially if you have children or elderly family members. Preventing falls is something all homeowners should care about when planning their houses. No matter what your concerns are, installing a stair railing is an excellent solution. Rather than heading to your local hardware store, choose the customized railing route. Doing so will provide you with more choices and a better class of construction. Big-box retailers can’t hope to compete with the quality construction you gain from working with Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. Consider the benefits of beginning a custom stair railing project:


Safety and Security

Elegant Railing Design in Vancouver, BCStair railings’ most important functional purpose is providing a surface to lean on. They prevent tumbles and ensure traveling down stairways is safer. Our iron and aluminum railings keep everyone who lives in or visits your home safe. The best reason to choose one of these two materials is their longevity.


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd’s design department ensures you have options regarding the construction of your new stair railing. Our team works diligently to design a railing system unlike anything else on the block. You can trust us to work in coordination with you to design something you can be proud of for your choice



Both aluminum and iron are decorative materials, no matter what paint goes on them or how you use them. That’s why we choose to use them.


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Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd’s service area stretches across the Lower Mainland. We’re committed to delivering our brand of customized and beautiful railing designs and construction to as many homeowners as possible. Our reputation precedes us. We handle the project from the planning to completion stages. Along the way, our design team sketches ideas, our metalworkers craft the custom railings, and our installers carefully follow the blueprints. Our team can also collaborate with homeowners who are in the process of custom-building a house. Whether you’re looking to replace existing railings, add a stair railing, or integrate our services with new construction, we can help. Contact us today.