Metal Stair Railings

Metal Stair Railings in Vancouver, BC

Whether it’s a custom gate welcoming guests to your house or a staircase that gleams as the focal point of your home, our 20 years’ experience ensures your dream project will be completed without a hitch.

Metal Stair Railings for Residential Projects in Vancouver

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd helps Install Metal Stair Railings in Vancouver, BC


If you’re located anywhere in the Lower Mainland, and you’re looking to upgrade the staircases in and outside of your home, reach out to Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. Since 1997, our team has completed custom railing projects on time and to our customers’ satisfaction. We specialize in metal staircase railings. Vancouver-area clients have learned to trust our team’s stellar work ethic, experience, and extensive expertise. Along the way, we’ve learned to hone our custom-building process, delivering highly personalized services to our valued customers. Everyone, from our computer-aided railing design specialists to our installers, works together to make you happy.


The Pros of Aluminum Railings


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd in Vancouver, BC is proud of the work we do in transforming raw aluminum materials and creating something our clients can enjoy for the long haul. Aluminum is an excellent choice because it provides the following benefits to customers:

  • Aluminum railings are durable and UV-resistant
  • Railings constructed from aluminum require little maintenance
  • Aluminum is one of the most affordable options on the market
  • These railings are safer and more reliable than others
  • Aluminum is beautiful

The Advantages of Iron Railings


Iron railings are another of our specialties. We’re thrilled to be recognized as one of the Lower Mainland’s top wrought-iron fabricators and installers. If aluminum isn’t the right fit for you, we’re confident an iron railing will be perfect for your residential building due to iron’s unique advantages:

  • Like aluminum, iron is an immensely durable material
  • Wrought iron is easy to maintain
  • Our fabricators can mold iron into virtually any shape
  • Iron is in it for the long haul

The Benefits of Custom Metal Stair Railing Projects


Stair Railing Design in Vancouver, BCCustomization is the way to go, and Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd is the best British Columbia has to offer. Our team uses their experience and expertise to design, build, and install high-quality metal staircase railings. Railings prevent falls, provide a steady base for ascending and descending and add an aesthetic flourish to your indoor and outdoor décor. Most importantly, custom railings allow you to maintain control over every conceivable aspect of the property. When it comes to wrought iron and aluminum, you’ll be working with two of the best materials available. Metal staircase railings provide:

Safety and Security

Railings are crucial to the safety and security of your residents and guests. In some cases, the front steps must include a railing per local code. If that’s the case, then working with Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd is the best way to make sure you’re compliant for as long as you live there. The reason aluminum and iron are so safe and secure is due to their durability and strength. Our railings will never collapse under the weight of one of your guests. They handle cold weather and hot weather well, and never fail to provide you with the support you rely on from your railing system.


Custom Metal Stair Railing Design Services in Vancouver, BC

Metal railings are easy to fabricate according to customer specifications. Where other companies go wrong is in not putting care and attention into their work. We accomplish both by offering fully personalized services, working with only the best iron and aluminum sources to build your new railings. When you consult with our team, we work closely with you to design something that meets your needs.


Iron is a malleable material, which means our specialists can mold it into any shape you want! That makes wrought-iron railings a highly-sought after material for many homeowners. Aluminum also looks excellent, possessing a more modern appearance.

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Throughout the Lower Mainland, Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd has provided superior customer service and metalworking services. We bring with us a well-known brand. Our team is made up of careful listeners who meet your demands, meticulous craftsmen who build beautiful railings, and respectful and efficient installers. All of them work hand-in-hand with designers, support staff, and management to deliver results to the client after the client. Best of all, we can work with you if you only have a vague idea of your interests. To us, bringing your ideas to life and forming them into something we can build is an extreme pleasure – and we’re the best at doing so. If you’re looking to install a new metal stair railing, then contact us today.