Glass Railings FAQ

High-Quality Glass Railings in Vancouver, BC

We Fabricate Glass Railings for Balconies

Founded in 1997, Iron Age Manufacturing has spent years cultivating a reputation for excellence. Everyone on our team – from the front office staff to the installers – is equally committed to creating a seamless and customer-friendly experience. Our goal is to consistently produce high-quality glass railings for Vancouver, BC residential and commercial property owners. We also work hand-in-hand with builders, contractors, and architects to help them complete their projects with the perfect finishing touch. We complete projects throughout the mainland and beyond, fortifying our reputation as the region’s top suppliers of railings and more. Learn more about glass railings below and give us a call.

What Type of Glass Do do You Use for Your Railings?

We are committed to ensuring you receive a product that matches not only your specifications but our lofty expectations. Glass railings need to withstand various elements, especially in an outdoor atmosphere. Whether installing glass railings inside or out, you can count on tempered with a thickness perfect for the application.

Do Glass Railings for Balconies Come in Various Sizes?

We are a fully custom shop. That means we can create glass railings that match your specifications. Not only can we build a railing in the height you want, but our finishers and painters can customize the railing to be in the color you want. Stainless steel is our most popular finish with frameless glass, but you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Are Clear Glass Railings Safe?

Safety is important. Our fabricators and installers understand that. That’s why we create products that are safe for use in both residential and commercial spaces. Our glass railing systems not only meet but exceed the requirements set forth by local codes. That way, you can feel comfortable working with our team for all your glass railing needs.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Glass Railings?

Obviously, you want to keep your glass railings in perfect shape. They can be an attractive element in or outside your home or business, but only if they are clean. There are many ways to keep them clean, including vinegar mixed with water and a squeegee to avoid streaking. We recommend cleaning your glass once a week to prevent buildup from fingerprints and other elements.

Can You Use Residential Glass Railings on Concrete?

Glass railings are a perfect match for concrete surfaces. If you want to use glass railings to spruce up your outdoor area, you can do so. Our installers can securely fasten your glass railings to the concrete – and they will stay that way.

How Much Time Does It Take to Install Glass Railings?

How long it takes our team to install your glass railings depends on how many we install and any obstacles that present themselves. We cannot give an exact time here, but when our installers arrive at your home or business, they can survey the location and provide an accurate timetable. We work efficiently, ensuring we meet these deadlines.

Can You Handle Non-Standard Angles and Rounded Railings?

We are a custom shop. That means we design glass railing systems to your specifications. When you order your glass railings, we will ask you for a sketch – it doesn’t have to be professional – with the dimensions. Based on that drawing, our team can fabricate a railing system that accounts for any particular nuances – such as irregular angles or rounded railings.

High-Quality Glass Railings for Residential and Commercial Clients

We want you to feel comfortable ordering from Iron Age Manufacturing. So, contact us today. We will speak to you and explain our process, how it works, and what to expect. We are good communicators, and we follow through on our promises. We work as a team to transform your ideas into a reality. Over the years, we have amazed our customers with our superb work and customer service. Whether you are a residential property owner or a commercial business, you can count on us to deliver it, contact us today to get started.