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Glass Railings in Vancouver, BC

Whether it’s a custom gate welcoming guests to your house or a staircase that gleams as the focal point of your home, our 20 years’ experience ensures your dream project will be completed without a hitch.

Glass Railings for Residential Projects in Vancouver

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. helps Install Glass Railings in Vancouver, BC


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 1997 on the principle that all clients deserve personalized residential improvement services, performed by dedicated and creative professionals. Our 20 years of experience guarantees that you’ll experience the best possible customer service and craftsmanship possible when you work with us on your project. Our past clients have raved about the durability and beauty of our glass railing designs throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We’re successful because we’ve perfected the multi-step process of installing new custom railings inside residential properties. From the initial consultation and computer-aided design phases to our crafting and installation techniques, you’ll gain access to a world-class operation.


Sleek and Modern: Residential Custom-Designed Glass Railings


Glass railings present a touch of modernity in any home, but they’re also a practical choice. Homeowners who opt for glass never regret the decision due to its ability to present a wide array of undeniable advantages to homeowners installing them. Ranging from the practical to aesthetic, the benefits include:


Glass Railing Design in Vancouver, BCThere’s one downside to other railing materials: They draw attention from other features in your house. Artwork, architectural flourishes, and more all suffer when railings steal the show. But glass manages to be simultaneously stunning and unobtrusive. Glass railings’ see-through nature means they amplify, not diminish, the rest of your house.


To state the obvious, you can see through glass railings. But consider the benefits. Unobstructed views are perfect for a variety of house layouts. For instance, if your house has an upstairs area that overlooks the open floor plan below, new glass railings will provide completely unblocked views from the couch to the upstairs area, giving you more décor options.


Glass is a naturally insulated material. For homes with children, a network of glass railings can provide invaluable noise protection. And glass offers a crucial benefit when installed outside: wind protection. Because there are no gaps, glass railings act as a barrier against annoyances and intrusiveness. Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd can’t recommend glass enough.


Homeowners with children and pets, listen up: Glass railings can be safer than other options. Because there are no bars, uprights, or supports, injuries are less likely to occur because of your railing system. Children and dogs won’t trap themselves in the railings – there are none. Glass railings are also much more challenging for children to climb.


Easy, no-hassle maintenance is one of the most significant advantages of a glass railing system. To clean an iron or aluminum barred system, you need to wipe each component, which is time-consuming and difficult. All you need to keep your glass barriers clean and smudge-free are paper towels and glass cleaner.


Glass Railing Fabrication Offers a Deluge of Variety


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd prizes variety and opportunities, and we’re proud to deliver both to your doorstep. We’re capable of designing custom glass railings according to your specifications. We’re familiar with the design and construction concepts that allow the glass to work as a railing material, and we can work within them to provide your house with a unique look. And one of our most crucial skillets remains our ability to communicate with our customers. They come to us with vague ideas about what they want, and we help refine them into sound design and building practices. We can offer several kinds of glass railings, including:


Outdoor Glass Railing in Vancouver, BCFrameless glass railings are what they sound like: railings without any wood or metal holding them up or supporting their weight. Instead of beams or rods, we mount them, so they stand rigidly. Frameless glass railings are popular with clients who are fans of minimalist designs due to the absence of clutter.


Dadoed glass railings feature panels secured within the top railing and the bottom shoe. This means the glass is enclosed within a wood framework. Not only does this create an appealing look, but it also means there’s no need for framing devices such as clips or hardware.




If you choose a standoff railing system, we’ll secure the glass panels with round stainless-steel cylinders. The standoffs attach in a way that results in minimal visual evidence of the fasteners. One thing to consider with this method is they require ample support to remain safe and secure.


If you have a curved stairway, then a clamped glass railing system might be the perfect fit. We use vertical posts to support the glass panels. Clamped systems work well with all railing types.


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Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd in Vancouver, BC, has decades of experience finding creative ways to give homeowners the glass railings they want. We work within constraints well, which means that no matter the layout of your home, we’ll find a way to improve its look and functionality. To learn more about railing designs contact us today.