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Custom Gates in Vancouver, BC

Whether it’s a custom gate welcoming guests to your house or a staircase that gleams as the focal point of your home, our 20 years’ experience ensures your dream project will be completed without a hitch.

Custom Gates for Residential Projects in Vancouver

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd Provides Superior Metalworking


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd is proud to offer custom gates to Vancouver, BC residents and business owners seeking a way to fortify their property from intruders and enhance its aesthetics. We have over 20 years of experience providing our clients with a uniquely customized experience. From the initial planning stage to the fabrication and completion phases, our team works with you to fully realize your vision. You’d be amazed by what a wrought-iron gate can do for your property’s value.

The Benefits of Commissioning a Custom Gate


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd has plenty of experience working with customers to design and implement custom gates. There are numerous benefits to commissioning Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd to build a custom gate. These benefits include the following:

Custom staircase design services in Vancouver, BCSecurity: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of adding a custom gate to your property is secured. We manufacture high-quality gates made from durable and robust materials, meaning they’ll deter intruders well. Safety is essential, and Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd can help introduce more of it to your property with a wrought-iron gate. These installations deliver extensive benefits to homeowners and commercial landowners who are concerned about the safety of their families and belongings.

Resale value: As a property owner, you should always be thinking of ways to maximize your residential or commercial property. One way to do so is by commissioning a wrought-iron custom gate from Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. We work closely with you to design a gate that matches exactly the style you have in mind. Once installed, your gate will amplify the value of your home and help it fetch a higher sale price if you decide to relocate in the future.

Curb appeal: Lastly, custom gates look great, and make an impression on all those who pass by your property. Do you want a family crest or business logo added to the gate? Our talented designers have what it takes to bring your vision to life. We know how to fabricate unique aesthetic flourishes. Even if you opt for a straightforward jet-black iron gate, you’ll still present an elegant image to your neighbors.


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Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd’s experience means we can deliver on all our promises. You might think of a custom-made front gate as an Custom gate design services in Vancouver, BCextravagance, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you own a small single-family home or a stately manor, a driveway gate is a welcome addition to your home. But at Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd, we’re known for more than our custom gates. Our seasoned team of designers and metalworkers collaborate to build custom railings and custom stairways for both residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to improve the look and functionality of your property while simultaneously boosting its resale value. We do so by bringing the same level of commitment and quality to the table as we do on our custom gate properties. To learn more about what our team has to offer, contact us today.

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