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Balcony Railings in Vancouver, BC

Whether it’s a custom gate welcoming guests to your house or a staircase that gleams as the focal point of your home, our 20 years’ experience ensures your dream project will be completed without a hitch.

Balcony Railings for Residential Projects in Vancouver

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. helps Install Balcony Railings in Vancouver, BC


Don’t set foot on your balcony without securing your safety. A rickety, sashaying balcony railing is a dangerous proposition, one that can endanger you, your family, and guests. Worn and haggard railings are also an eyesore. They’re a blight and draw attention to your home in all the wrong ways. What kind of condition is your balcony in today? If a glance outside reveals an aging railing, then Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd can help if you’re in the Vancouver or Lower Mainland area. Our team possesses over 20 years of experience in our field, and knowledge is never a bad thing. We use it to collaborate with our clients to discover what matters to them. Our expertise helps us execute their vision to a “T.”


Custom Balcony Railing Solutions for Creative Customers


Custom Balcony Railings by Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. in Vancouver, BCAt Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd, we offer a unique process. We’ve based our formula on a combination of one-on-one personalization, collaborative teamwork, and expert metal fabrication and installation in Vancouver, BC. That’s something the big-box chains won’t give you. While you might save some money, you’ll only gain headaches, frequent repairs, and materials that fade, crack and shatter. Our pride lies in the little things, and we work hard to deliver unique products to each of our residential clients. We hand select each material before we turn them into the finished product. And before we deliver your custom railing, our team inspects every inch to make sure the railings live up to our exacting standards. At our company, we focus on:

Details, Details, Details

We’re meticulous – some might call us sticklers! But all that preparation and carefulness is a windfall for our clients. Creating custom balcony railings in Vancouver, BC isn’t easy work. Every balcony is shaped differently, and each client cares about different things. That’s why it’s so crucial to remain flexible and apply our standards to each job. When you get the details right as we do, amazing things happen beauty and timelessness.

Presenting Variety

Why would we offer you anything less than what we desire in our homes? If it’s not good enough for our balcony, it’ll never be good enough for you. One of the best ways to ensure every client is satisfied is to provide them with an array of options. That’s what we do. A venture to your local hardware store will never yield the alternatives we can give you. We have a talented design staff, and they’d jump at the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and devise a plan for your balcony.

Saving You Cash in the Long Run

Store-bought, cookie-cutter railings never last. The paint chips and fades in the sun. Clamps, screws, and fasteners break off. Bars break in half. Every time something happens, you have to fix it. What we provide is a durable product, ensuring you aren’t sinking money into a flimsy, uninspired product. You’ll appreciate one less thing to worry about fixing.

Delivering Sound Investments

Your house is an investment, and so is the railing that surrounds your balcony. There’s no reason to skimp on the details. Whether you intend to stay there for years or you’re living in your starter home, you’ll appreciate investing in sound craftsmanship. When you decide to sell, visitors to your open house will notice the excellent workmanship of our balcony railings.

Working with a Deluge of Materials

Balcony Railing Design in Vancouver, BCWe’re familiar with iron, aluminum, and glass working materials. They all provide unique benefits, and which you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference. For fans of classic, timeless architecture; meet wrought iron. If you enjoy modern or minimalist design, don’t worry, an aluminum or glass railing system is a perfect match.


Protect Your Family and Give Us a Call Today


Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd in Vancouver, BC is proud to offer the services required for homeowners to breathe a little easier every time they venture onto their balcony. We want you to sip your morning coffee or enjoy a nightcap. But we want you to do so safely more. Our services make safety, security, and attractiveness possible, one client at a time. We’re always looking for new clients, so if you have a railing that needs replacing, then contact us today for a consultation.