Residential Projects

Residential Metal Fabrication in Vancouver

Whether it’s a custom gate welcoming guests to your house or a staircase that gleams as the focal point of your home, our 20 years’ experience ensures your dream project will be completed without a hitch.

Our Work on Residential Properties Speaks for Itself

At Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd, we know our work directly affects how you feel about your residence. That’s why we pride ourselves in our work. We want to ensure you live in a home you can thoroughly enjoy for years. That’s our promise. Our work on residential properties speaks for itself. From stunning metal outdoor porch railings to custom stairways, our team works together to design and fabricate beautiful products. We make Vancouver, BC-area homes look amazing by leveraging over two decades of experience and expertise throughout every aspect of the project. For more information, we encourage you to contact us today.

We Can Complete an Eclectic Blend of Projects


Residential Custom Stair Railings in Vancouver, BCWe can perform a vast array of improvements to your home. At Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd, our team works hard to enhance our understanding of the materials we work with continually. Additionally, we hire employees who not only know how to work with their hands but their minds as well. We employ painters and creative professionals to conceptualize projects and skilled craftspeople to finish them. We can work on several types of home improvement projects, including:

Deck railings

If you’re building a new deck, then why not complete the process with a new iron or aluminum railing? Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd can revitalize older decks too by adding aesthetically-pleasing raisings to crumbling infrastructure. Contact us to install a custom deck railings in Vancouver, BC.

Stair railings

We can install brand-new railings in the stairs, both indoors and outside. Even if you aren’t willing to undergo a comprehensive remodeling project, replacing the railings on your stairs can be a subtle but effective way of changing things up a bit. Contact us to install a custom stair railings in Vancouver, BC.

Glass railings

Glass railings are the ultimate modern touch in any home, and our team can design custom glass railings to be implemented in a variety of areas in your home. From the sides of stairways to upstairs balconies, we can make your home look more upscale than ever. Contact us to install a custom glass railings in Vancouver, BC.

Balcony railings

Whether for safety or aesthetic reasons, a well-designed balcony railing is a way to go. If your house features an upstairs, outdoor balcony, and you have children, installing one is a must. Contact Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd today, and we’ll get started on a project that will transform your porch or indoor balcony. Contact us to install a custom balcony railings in Vancouver, BC.

Metal stair railings

Residential Metal Stair Railings in Vancouver, BCWood stair railings require extensive care, but a classic set of metal railings will last a long time and hold up to the rigors of the modern homeowning environment. We’ve designed, fabricated, and installed custom metal stair railings in homes across Vancouver and the surrounding area.


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In addition to our work with residential clients, Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd also utilizes our services on commercial properties. We can perform the same projects at restaurants, grocery stores, and more, all with precision, timeliness, and accuracy. We put our experience to good use, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started on your next property improvement project.

Home Improvement

Have we given you some thoughts for how to improve your home? Drop us a note indicating what ideas you have and we’ll get back to you shortly. Our estimates are free, so what have you got to lose?

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