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Whether it’s a large or small-scale project, we bring your ideas to life!

Impeccable Custom Stairs in Vancouver, BC


Investing in custom railings and stairways is more than just a necessity, it is an investment in your very own business. Making quality improvements to your property that will stand the test of time, that’s our aim here at Iron Age Manufacturing.

Not only do new and improved custom stairs or railings make your workplace a safer place to be, but they also say a lot about you and your business. When prospective clients visit you, the first impression they get is of your office environment. How well kept a workspace is speaks volumes about the business and its owners, and we know from experience that one of the most important aspects of an office is making sure clients feel comfortable. So, what could be more important than making sure those first impressions are good ones?

When redesigning and customizing railing, we take extra care in making a full assessment of the location’s pre-existing style and aesthetics, so that any new installments keep with the look and feel of the environment. The best part about having customized railing designed for your property is the fact that we can make it exactly how you would like it, freeing you from the restraints of mass-produced products and limited ranges in style.

You only need to take a look at our work at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) (where we proudly fitted custom railings around the top of one of their buildings) to see the massive improvement a set of customized railings can make to a property. Not only did the railings make their building stand taller, making for a completer and much more impressive look, they also gained access to a whole new, safe rooftop space. Maybe you too have roof space that currently does not meet health and safety standards, and so you cannot make the most of your rooftop? Now there’s an idea for this summer’s work BBQ. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you and your space!

Wonderful Custom Designs All Over


But we don’t stop at railings! Another example of our work is the custom stairways we recently designed, created, and installed for the wonderful West Hotel. Experts at Iron Age Manufacturing have years of experience in stairway design, and so when we were approached by the hotel with the task of replacing the ill-fitting spiral staircase at the side of their property with a set of commercial stairs, we jumped at the chance!

We were able to design and construct a new set of custom stairways that are far more complementary to the building’s antique style. Our designers take a step-by-step approach in assessing every property’s features and needs when redesigning any aspect. So, should you contact us about replacing your property’s current stairway, you can rest assured that we are nothing short of perfectionists. We take a dedicated approach to every project we take on and strive to satisfy our clients’ desires. Get in contact with us today and tell us more about your ideas for your commercial property.