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Commercial Stair Railings Designs in Vancouver

Custom-Made Railing Design from Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd


Since 1997, Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd has provided sterling railing design to our Vancouver, BC-area customers. Our objective is simple: create and deliver outstanding metalworking to our clients quickly and efficiently. We’ve spent over two decades carefully building a reputation based entirely on core commitments to quality and personalization. We believe quality metalworking begins with imagination and continues with a careful application of experience, equipment, and expertise. We’re an accomplished team comprised of painters, metalworkers, shop supervisors, and more. We’re more than ready to design and build railings for your home or business, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


How Can Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd Help Me?


Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or entrepreneur, you have a vested interest in making your home stand out from the pack. Many homeowners struggle to find ways of doing so. The same goes for business owners. Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd wants you to know there are subtle, yet noticeable ways of making your property pop. Custom railing design has a broad spectrum of applications. For instance, you can contact our experts to design and build the following:


Outdoor railings on a commercial property

Commercial Custom Stair Railings Design in Vancouver, BCIf your restaurant or business needs a facelift, you don’t necessarily have to commission a full-scale remodeling project. For instance, if the wood handrails leading to your front door are rotting or falling apart, one way to subtly change the property’s appearance is by switching to iron handrails. We can create a fully-integrated metal railing system or combine iron with wood, which is always a winning combination. Homeowners can do the same for their porch or deck, instantly boosting the curb appeal of their property and ramping up their home’s value.


Indoor staircases in your home

Do you want to introduce a touch of class and elegance into your home? One of the toughest challenges homeowners face is whether to embrace modern or traditional design concepts. Sometimes, two individuals might share opposing sensibilities. Fortunately, our indoor handrail design is highly versatile. We can work with a wide variety of materials to create a custom stairways design that works for everyone in the home. For instance, do you like the look of expertly-stained hardwood? Why not augment it with dark-black iron railings?


Ornamental railings for a deck

Owning a deck isn’t just great for entertaining family and friends. It’s also an excellent opportunity to make improvements to your house continually. We can design, fabricate, and install ornamental railings for an exterior deck. You won’t believe how well iron or aluminum combines with great-looking wood. It leads to a design that pleases the eye and makes the deck or porch a more welcoming environment. Don’t accept rotting or decomposing wood railings. Upgrade by contacting Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd.


Stabilizing bars for hardwood railings

Sometimes, all it takes to brighten an interior or exterior is a small change. We can make rods or supporting columns and place them in existing deck railings or stair railings. You can count on our master craftsmen to design gorgeous pieces that last a lifetime and make a positive impact on all those who cross paths with your custom railing.


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Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd wants to help you improve the look, feel, and security of your property by working hard on your behalf to design and build high-end railings. Regardless of whether you’re a commercial or residential property owner, we can help. In addition to our exceptional work on fences, we can create custom railings and staircases for both businesses and houses and build custom gates. To learn more about Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd, contact us today.