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With 20 years’ experience of commercial project success, you can trust us to deliver and exceed expectations.

Custom Stairways / Staircase Designs in Vancouver, BC

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For the past 20 years, Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd has delivered superior quality custom staircases and custom railings to our clients. We take our customers’ vision and transform it into something they can see, touch, and walk on for years. We’re well-known for our staircase design throughout Vancouver, BC. Our company has a sterling reputation for building classy, durable custom staircases for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find our handwork everywhere, from private residences to well-traveled commercial buildings. We can boast an impressive portfolio, which demonstrates our ability to adapt a building’s unique design style and build a staircase that doesn’t clash with the rest of the building but works to stand out.


What Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd Can Do for You


Modern Custom Staircases in Vancouver, BCYou might not have a firm idea of what you want when you contact us. That’s okay! We keep a team of designers on staff who can work with you to brainstorm and eventually settle on an idea. There’s no shortage of options available to you. While some might not work for the size or dimensions of your house or business, we’re confident we can find an option that augments the aesthetics of your property without clashing with it. For instance, we can build the following:

Modern staircases: Many homes and businesses feature design concepts originating in the mid-1950s or later. A modern staircase with a minimalist design and glass sides might be the perfect fit for your property. We can match your staircase with your existing design.

Spiral staircases: Classic and ornate, there’s nothing quite like a spiral staircase. If your house or business is a good fit for installing one, we can do it. We know how to fabricate iron or other metals into the grand, sweeping circular designs needed to complete the project.

Ornamental staircases: A typical decorative staircase features jet-black iron materials molded into patterns. If your home is older and features more traditional design concepts, then an ornamental staircase is a perfect choice. We can install them indoors or outdoors.

Steel staircases: Some of our clients merely require a simple steel staircase for their property. Commercial buildings might need durable and safe steel staircases as an alternative to their elevator system, and we’re more than happy to provide them.

We Deliver Safe, Durable Products to You


Custom Staircase Design Services in Vancouver, BCRegardless of whether you own a small house or a sprawling shopping center, Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd works hard to deliver personalized service. We believe our customers deserve to feel happy each time they travel the stairs on their property. After all, you spend a considerable amount of time at home or work. Why settle for an unsightly staircase? But more importantly, our work ensures everyone who resides, shops, or works on your property is safe. Our metalworking is exquisite, and the result is a final product that holds up over the long haul. Don’t wait to start your custom staircase design project; contact us today to get started.