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Custom Railings in the Lower Mainland, BC

With 20 years’ experience of commercial project success, you can trust us to deliver and exceed expectations.

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd’s Metal Fabrication Services

Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd takes pride in our work, services, and relationships with our clients, many of which we’ve worked with multiple times over the years. Our commercial clients trust us because we never make promises we can’t keep, and we get the job done the right way on the first try. Whatever you order from us, whether it is a handrail or stair railing, our Vancouver, BC team will accomplish the task in record time. More importantly, what we craft will retain its appearance and functionality for years to come. Our promises mean something to us.

What Our Accomplished Team Has to Offer You


Commercial Grade Metalwork in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver-area businesses turn to Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd when they need a custom railing, stairs, stairway, or other commercial-grade metalwork. One of the reasons we have such a sterling reputation is due to our company being flexible and dedicated. We work seamlessly with local government agencies and other contractors to provide you with precisely what you need. And we do so on a timetable that takes your business needs into account. From custom design to expert fabrication to skilled installation, we do it all. Some of our most popular services include:

What are the Benefits of Investing in Custom Metalwork?


There’s no shortage of places to purchase shoddy factory-built metalworking. However, you shouldn’t opt for that route. Instead of installing the same railings and staircases, you can find on hundreds of properties, why not choose something unique? Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd has the tools, experience, and expertise needed to craft beautiful structures that will set your business apart from your neighbors. Doing so will help draw clients to your property. Imagine your upscale Italian restaurant surrounded by iron fencing and accompanying railings. It will add a rustic, classical touch to your business. There are numerous options at your disposal when you work with us. Some of the other benefits of working with Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd include:

Speed and Efficiency

While we never want to sacrifice quality for speed, we do place a premium on delivering superior products on time. When we start a project, we always provide a detailed estimate, which will include an estimated date of delivery and installation. We know upgrading your property is just one of the hundreds of your priorities, so we want to make this one easy for you.

Superior Parts and Labor

We hire only experienced fabricators to work at Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. For that reason, you can always rely on incredible craftsmanship when you work with us. But more than that, we understand a deck, staircase, or railing is only as good as the materials used for it. That’s why we’re committed to only using superior metals and equipment to mold and shape your new installations.

Design Standards

We’re not just good at working with our hands! Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd’s employees are creative and put their creativity to work designing unique structures that emphasize how unique your business is.


You Can Trust Our Well-Certified Team of Metalworkers


Our highly-experienced staff calls on over two decades of service in the metalworking industry to deliver on-time and on-budget work for our commercial clients. We are Canadian Welding Bureau Certified, and we’re also a proud member of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association. Additionally, we believe in making sure our team stays up to date on all recent developments in our industry. As a result, we provide our clients with the latest designs, products, and services. We invite you to take a moment to look at a few examples of our work here, and then contact us for more information on how we can help you move forward with your project.

Case Study: BCIT

When the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) asked us to create a safe and attractive railing to wrap around the top of one of their buildings, we didn’t hesitate. Our custom designed exterior structural guard railings allow for secure access to the rooftop while maintaining the modern look of the building.


It was important to have minimal disruption for the students studying during the day.

It was integral to protect the surroundings because site welding was required.

It was a tight deadline and rain could have hampered the pace, especially for our on-site welder.

As it was done overnight and, on the roof, extra precautions needed to be incorporated.


We opted to work overnight and after hours, to minimize disruption.

Extra measures were incorporated to accommodate the extra protection required.

A cover was brought in to ensure no delays occurred.

Lighting equipment was brought in and our welder was in safety harness gear, in order to work safely in the dark.

Case Study: VanDusen Gardens

We may not be able to compete with the natural beauty, but we’re excited to have shared a small part in making the VanDusen Botanical Gardens the stunning landmark it is today.


Working carefully with the client’s Designer, we designed, advised and worked up specific technical information to support the overall design.

Traffic control was tricky, due to this being a public installation.

A restricted time limit and a unique design made for challenging conditions.


A variety of installations were done including: stainless steel bike racks, a water feature and cable railings.

By regularly communicating with our client, we were able to deal with any surprises efficiently.

Working closely with the City of Vancouver we were able to ensure traffic control ran smoothly.

By consulting with the Designer before and during the project, the appropriate information was exchanged.

Case Study: West Hotel

When you’re offered the opportunity to design, build and install an exterior staircase on a heritage hotel, you don’t refuse because it’s an opportunity of a lifetime! Which is why we were thrilled to replace the escape spiral staircase and match the stairs to the antique style of the West Hotel.


To ensure safety while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Managing to build and install while limited on space, in a very narrow alley.

We needed to lift parts up the narrow back alley, as part of the project.

Managing the work while in a very high traffic zone of downtown Vancouver.


We created special brackets to anchor into the old brick.

By carefully planning our installation and design, we were able to deal with the lack of space without issue.

By collaborating with other contractors, we were able to tackle the difficult task, smoothly.

Working closely with the City of Vancouver, we were able to manage the traffic difficulties.

Preparing for risk and building a safety management plan for this project was the key to our success.

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Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd works with businesses of all sizes and types. We believe well-crafted and attractive metal, iron, glass, and aluminum railings and fixtures add a touch of elegance to your property. We want to be the company that helps put your best foot forward with your customers. We work with clients in Vancouver, as well as those in Surrey, Abbotsford, Richmond, and beyond. If you need metal molded into unusual shapes and functional design, we can provide it. To learn more about our commercial products, contact us today.